Sparticl Logos

The logos on this page can be downloading by clicking on the link. They are designed for those writing about or helping promote Sparticl, such as by including a link on a website or listing in a resource guide for students.

If you would like more information or additional resources, contact Jolene Gustafson, Executive Editor, at 651-229-1421 or

General Use

This is the primary logo that can be used for either print or online resources.

Tagline – eps
Tagline – tif (hi-res)
Tagline – jpg
Tagline png


This is logo is designed to be used on external websites or newsletters when a link to is included. Libraries, schools, after-school programs, and other education websites are encouraged to use this logo with a link.

Online eps
Online jpg
Online png

Print (Full Color)

This is a simpler logo that may be appropriate in some places, such as when including a tagline is not possible.

Color Print – eps
Color Print – tif (hi-res)
Color Print – jpg
Color Print – png

Print (B&W)

This is logo works best when printing or duplicating in color is not possible. 

B&W Print – eps
B&W Print – tif (hi-res)
B&W Print – jpg
B&W Print png

Online/Print Horizontal Image

Online/Print – Horizontal

This logo may be appropriate where space is limited or similarly-oriented logos are used.

Horizontal – eps
Horizontal – tif (hi-res)
Horizontal jpeg
Horizontal png