For Educators

There are many free and subscription sites that round up science resources for teachers. But Sparticl is designed for teens. You'll see that in everything from the content we've hand-selected to the site features we've built.  

Sparticl's Teen Focus

  • Accurate and FUN videos, games, articles, interactive demonstrations, and more for 600+ topics, covering the common concepts and terms used in middle school science
  • Game-like environment that lets teens earn points and compete for top spots on the weekly scoreboard
  • Personalization features such as avatars and custom collections   
  • Browsable menu that makes it easy to find all middle school curriculum subjects, and even the science of sports & fun

Using Sparticl in the Classroom

Our Educator Guide details Sparticl's features, which include an educator portal, and offers tips and tricks for using the site with your students.  

Quick Ideas to Get Started

  1. Have students check out our 10 Surprising Science Jobs page and then discuss their reactions as a class. Which of the jobs were they most surprised to learn had STEM at its core?
  2. Create a collection of homework help resources for students who are struggling — use the share features to send directly to individual students or to your whole class.
  3. Give students the chance to earn extra credit by finding a hands-on activity related to what you are studying and completing it at home.